When you are forced to evacuate your home due to a natural disaster, typically you will not have the opportunity to pack a bag. It’s important to have emergency kits already packed and stored by the door for a quick departure.

Consider the following items for your pet’s emergency kit:

Food – Several days’ worth of your pet’s food will help bridge the gap before you are able to purchase more. Your pet will already be in a stressful state, so keeping his diet as consistent as possible will be important.

Water – During a natural disaster, clean water may be at a premium, so stock up on bottled water.

Collar with ID Tag & Leash – During an emergency, your pet may have the instinct to want to flee. Having an extra collar and leash are important to make sure you are able to secure your pet, and ID tags should always be attached in case the pet gets free.

Medicines – If your pet is on any medication for existing medical problems, it’s important to have at least a few days’ worth to a week’s worth in your emergency kit to cover you until you are able to get to a veterinarian. Make sure to consistently rotate these medications out of your emergency kit so the medication is never past its expiration date.

Medical Records & Other Important Documents – Keeping a copy of all medical records and other important documents (like purebred papers or city registration papers) in an emergency kit will ensure that any veterinarian you need to see will have a detailed history of your pet and you are able to clearly prove ownership in case there is a question.

Favorite Things – Pets can sense stress, so to keep them as comfortable as possible, include items that are familiar to them – such as toys, treats, or blankets and smell like home.