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Apparently, "laundry day" means "new dog bed" in dog speak.

Apparently, “laundry day” means “new dog bed” in dog speak.

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Abbey is a 6 year old girlie Lab mix and we think the mix is Border Collie! She is a wonderful family dog and fantastic with dog savvy kids seven years and older! This little girl so loves being with her humans. She does not do well being alone however and has a history of separation anxiety so we are looking for some home bodies. Once she has learned to trust, Abbey can be successfully crated for up to 3.5 hours in a covered crate.

Abbey is very sweet, well trained, housebroken and even respectful of perimeter training for anyone who has an invisible fence. It’s all about PLAY and LOVE for Abbey! She’s dog friendly, attends a doggie daycare and generally is great with dogs outside of her home but does best as an only dog in her own home. She is great sharing her food and toys with humans but not so good sharing with other dogs . . . she is another great pooch who benefits from structured introductions!
We feel a home without cats would be best. Although she has lived with one before with her previous family she was overly interested and was never trusted.
Abbey’s goal is to be your companion, to be by your side and create a strong bond!
And we bet you cannot count how many times that tail wags when Abbey meets a new person who is giving her attention?! Could be about 35 times per minute!