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Lucy Lu is an absolute gem of a girl! Lab and we think Great Dane X … mainly lab though & 4-5 years old. We tend to think maybe younger as she has the puppy playfulness ! She is spayed, UTD on vaccinations, never had an accident in the house, no separation anxiety and happy to snooze while you’re out. She gets on with dogs … in fact she LOVES doggie friends and she adores people!

Lucy Lu does have a very strong prey drive for birds and critters and needs a home without cats and other small animals. We are looking for a knowledgeable BBF who can work with her prey drive and can set clear boundaries as she can be head strong! She is very eager to please and will keep working at it until she gets it right!

We do not recommend a home with children as she does not understand how big she is (95lbs!!) and is not the most graceful girl lol! She also tends to want to take your arm in her mouth and to paw you for more attention not understanding her strength … now when we say ‘mouthing’ she is not biting simply trying to interact and play with you. She stops immediately when you tell her ‘off’ or give a sound of correction. Lucy Lu is also a huge cuddlebug … very affectionate and loves to cuddle!

Now here’s the thing … this lovely girl came into rescue as her owners abandoned her because she had a blown knee. She went through a new innovative surgery to repair her ACL. She is now 6 weeks post surgery and she is bursting to run and play! However, she will need a few more weeks of leash-only activity and will remain with her foster mom until she has returned to full activities. At this time she is doing a fast paced walk of 5 km a day, can do stairs and all other activities … WANTS to do more but still needs to heals completely before we introduce more activity in short sessions. She will be better than new and will be able to run, jump and play like she used to!

We are collecting donations to help pay for her surgery and aftercare and due to the amount of recent heavy vetting bills … Daisy & Lucy Lu both had ACL surgeries a week apart & Sugar needs extensive surgeries and 6 months of recovery. We would appreciate donations of any size to help us pay for these much needed procedures! Tax deductible receipts are issued for Donations over $25. DONATE NOW!