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Jade is a 10 yr old young wirehaired Jack Russell Terrier…..she is so full of personality, she will make you giggle every day with her antics 🙂 Jade’s sense of smell is incredible and she’ll search out hidden treats or toys even if you hide it she will find it! She loves fetch and once she is acclimatized to her surroundings you’ll catch her zooming around! Jade lost an eye when she was young due to bad breeding and she now has glaucoma in the other one. Jade has no idea that she is blind as she goes about her day as a confident, brave lady ….. she was diving head first intothe snow the other day LOL. Jade is a local owner surrender whos mom became very ill and could no longer care for her, she is heartbroken but we assured her that we would find the perfect forever home for this special girl. If you can open your heart and home to this amazing soul she will cuddle and entertain you for years to come. Please email us at for an application form. IMG_037420161208_124524 20161208_124530 IMG_0369IMG_0968 IMG_5628