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UPDATED December 7th! We are happy to share great news on Jaeger! This boy has been doing very well in is current foster home and is rocking his rehab therapy with the help of a balanced pack of canines and confidence building with his handler! When Jaeger feels he is safe – meaning his handler/caregiver is calm, confident and reassuring – Jaeger loves to meet new people and has been introduced to new dogs without issues. You see this boy was so scared of everything and everyone that he reacted by lunging, barking and growling and being a big boy he was very intimidating BUT when he is in a balanced home setting – preferably rural with another balanced dog(s) – he is a perfect gentleman. He has been great with canines big and small and has been learning how to be a solid pack member. He greets new people alongside his pack members and comes in for pets and affection almost immediately. Now that Jaeger is gaining confidence a whole new sweet amazing dog is EMERGING!


Jaeger is a 3-year old N/M, local Shepherd/Lab X. Jaeger is a big boy at almost 100 lbs, up to date on vetting and very healthy! This handsome and loving boy is ½ lab and ½ German Shepherd however his temperament and build is shepherd. Jaeger is VERY well trained and affectionate and loves his people but he does need an experienced and confident caregiver and BFF to help him feel safe. This boy’s dream furever home would be a rural/country setting where he will do his very best to keep your home and property safe in exchange for being your constant companion. Jaeger is an indoor boy and is used to living alongside his humans … a perfect gentleman and very respectful. If you are looking for a completely outdoor dog Jaeger is not that dog.

Sadly this boy has been mishandled in the past and can be very fearful but the good news is he is currently rocking his rehab therapy, building confidence and is sharing space with a balanced pack of fellow canines and humans. He can be very protective as is in this breed’s nature and on the flip side he’s a total cupcake with his people and very gentle. He is good with cats and does not have a prey drive therefore we feel the right farm setting would be suitable. He has lived with 4 kitties in his last home along with a balanced canine friend. Jaeger responds very well to gentle, calm but firm direction. He definitely needs his people to be strong so he feels protected and in return he will spend every waking moment alongside you … did we mention he LOVES to play fetch?! His new BFF will be committed to continuing his rehab and training. Are you that special person ?

This boy deserves a warm loving and safe home! Please email we’d love to chat further about this sweet & very special boy!