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(ADOPTION PENDING) Lacy is a very healthy, happy eight year old Dachshund and Beagle, she currently weighs 29 pounds and is on a diet to loose 4 more pounds. Not much is known about her past but thats ok because she is a easy girl to read, she loves everyone and everything, she knows no strangers! She loves car rides and walks to explore, her favorite thing to do is to give hugs, which she initiates, her second most favorite thing to do is snuggle and watch tv with you, she loves to sleep in the big bed snuggled up with you at night, she takes treats so gentle from you its amazing. Unlike most beagles she is a none barker and she listens and comes when called, she loves goofy play which gets her to show you her very happy goofy self! Lacey is a very loving gentle little girl who wants to just be loved and would do well in just about any home.

Being part┬ábeagle she loves her food and has been known to move things so she can get up on counters and she is very good at opening baby gates and cabinet doors, also a leash is a must … true to breed she uses her nose and will follow it, she is also low to mid prey drive so no small animals but she does very well with a dog savvy cat. She does have a slight limp on her front leg, her vet said its probably from an old injury and was not concerned, it has improved greatly with her weight loss, She is up to date on vaccinations and is spayed. She loves people and is very friendly but on occasions it has taken a few minutes to warm up to people. Lacey loves very deeply and wants nothing but to be with you so a home where she is not left home for long hours is a must she needs to be with her people!Lacy New 1 Lacy New Lacy imagejpeg_2-4 imagejpeg_2-5