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IMG_3561 IMG_2765 2 IMG_3043 2 (ADOPTED) Bernard is one of those amazing dogs with old soul wisdom. He’s around 6yrs young, neutered and in good health! This boy is a big fellow 95-100lbs . . . in fact he’s a little too big so he’s been slimming down via diet and lots of exercise. Bernard is a very mellow easy going guy who loves people and gets on well with other dogs although he doesn’t have a lot of patience with young exuberant pups . . . he’d rather kick back and relax. But don’t let that fool you as he loves long walks, has lots of energy and will bolt running after squirrels in the backyard or for balls ! He’s surprisingly fast for his size! He LOVES his ball and is learning how to play ‘real’ fetch — meaning he’s learning to bring the ball back to you! He also is a huge fan of squeaky toys — doesn’t destroy them but likes to carry them around and show them off. He’s a perfect home guest, very respectful of your things and will not go up on the couch unless you invite him. He is good with older children but has not been exposed to young ones. His foster mom’s take on it is he would do well if the young children are dog savvy and would respect his space. He is currently living in a multi-dog foster home and gets on with all, big and small. Bernard originally came from the streets and is ‘street’ smart and will wander if he gets loose although we believe that with time & off-leash training he would do well without a leash. He is very intelligent, food motivated and eager to please. Being street smart he does need a confident leader who will clearly be in charge or Bernard will take over that job and he doesn’t want too . . . he is much happier knowing he has you to make the decisions. He hasn’t been tested with cats but shows too much interest in them while out walking so a home WITHOUT cats is mandatory. Bernard has caught the hearts of many and truly is a gem who deserves a loving forever home & BFF . . . could that be you?