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┬áMeet Mollie! She is a gorgeous 4 yr old, spayed girl who will make a wonderful companion! Being a lab/border collie/husky X she has a good sense of humour, is compassionate, playful and comforting. Mollie is an energetic girl who would be an excellent running and hiking partner. She knows her manners and is very well trained although she sometimes (not always) can be leash reactive so she is currently working with her foster mom & a trainer . . . she is excelling! Mollie needs a BFF who can follow through with her training … training lessons also help to solidify and enhance the bonding between a dog and their caretaker/BF! We know Mollie is so smart she will pick up on whatever you wish to teach her . . . she is a keen learner and wants to please! Did we mention she is SUPER smart too?! She loves attention so the more your pour into her the more you will receive back! She loves walks, playing with the hose water, fetch, loves to do tricks and learn new ones too! She is awesome around children & she loves her cuddles and she knows what that word means! Mollie has some hunting instincts (preydrive) so a home with NO cats is needed. Her foster mom says she will make someone the best companion ever … could that be you?! Mollie image1