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Young Rough-Coated Collie seeking family to call her own!

Molly is only 4 years old and the biggest sweetheart! She LOVES everyone she meets – humans & doggies are her faves and she has lived with a cat however she did like to play ‘chase’ so please keep that in mind! She would never hurt but it could be scary for a kittie who is not dog savvy. Molly’s current foster family includes a 1 year old baby and Molly is a gem with him … not phased at all! She loves long walks and more than anything being close to her humans! Molly’s Dad had fallen ill and no long able to give her the time outdoors that she so craves. Molly has been fully vetted and is in solid shape, de-wormed, professionally groomed. She is currently living in a condo with her foster family and does very well. She is good on her own for a couple of hours but not for long periods of time. She is accustomed to being near her human(s) most of the day! Do you love the outdoors ? Are you looking for a hiking buddy!