Pelusa was a young, loving, beautiful Goldendoodle who was loved very much by her family. In the fall of 2017 she fell critically ill. Her family had spent almost $20,000 on her vetting with no clear diagnosis and at this point, with a new baby due any day, they asked if we could help her in order that she could continue to receive life-saving vetting. Her family made the difficult decision to surrender Pelusa to aVoice4paws so we could fundraise and help save her life. We dived into diagnostic testing … x-rays, ultrasounds, countless blood tests, you name it, we did it. We were determined to find a diagnosis. We also discovered that she had been living with a dislocated hip for quite some time so the goal was to get her healthy and then we would do the surgery to repair her hip. We were all prepared for the long haul and determined to give her back quality of life pain free.

Test after test came up inconclusive. Everyone was baffled so we had an endoscopy performed and finally a diagnosis. She had two Esophageal Strictures (scar tissue that restricts the esophagus from opening) which explain the chronic vomiting. She needed to have a number of balloon treatments to try to stretch the espophagus in order for food to pass. We were hopeful the treatments would be a success but after the 3rd failed, Pelusa sadly slipped away. We were and still are shattered and numb. All of us in shock … her former family, all the kind supporters that donated towards her care … everyone that was following our updates and especially the staff at Murrayville Animal Hospital under the guidance of Dr Alhawat. She was loved by many. We wished to honour her memory and this is how the PELUSA FUND was founded. 100% of all donations to the Pelusa Fund go towards the next critical care dog that comes under our umbrella. Donations $25 and up are eligible for a tax receipt.


Desperately seeking your help for two of our rescue dogs who required life-saving surgeries! Click here to read how you can help! We are appealing to YOU to please give from your heart! Your contribution will go directly towards covering Dexter’s & Bella’s surgeries. 100% of all donations to the Pelusa Fund go directly towards the critical care veterinary expenses of these two wonderful dogs!